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Lin's Wonderful Progress

I'm hoping for a picture. I want to surprise her, but she already knows that I'm stalking the long hallway to catch her walking about 25 feet with her walker, out to have a late lunch. She stood, with the walker, in the shower for several minutes. We have a full time attendant to help Lin with her personal needs and, comparing notes, since Monday, March 12th, 28 days after her hospitalization began, her progress has been absolutely breathtaking! She is standing and now she is walking short distances with a walker, and she is sitting up for her meals and coming to the breakfast room.

She was pretty borderline for discharge home with so little strength, recent 12 hour nutrition, and no demonstrated ability to take in the calories. But, she really wanted to come home. It was good, psychologically, for sure, but just trying to take 40 mEq of Potassium Chloride three times daily, 400 mg of Magnesium Oxide, 6 tablets daily, Calcium tablets, an envelope of Questran three times daily, and trying to get the water and calories in, very, very challenging. Much easier, as a doctor, to give her nutrition by central vein, but with infection risk and not something wants to continue for any length of time.

Understandably, Lin doesn't like taking big pills. I don't want to think about Phoslo and Renagel, and when her BUN was 200 and her creatinine was 4.7! The big pills tend to stick in her throat. She can have orange juice, and she thought of cream of tomato soup.... great idea! I went out and got her KFC chicken, crispy, and she ate 25% of a breast and 2 chunks of potato, before the potassium tablets reversed the process. This sounds bad, but now, I'm seeing 3 steps forward for one step back.

No picture, so I'm going to post this. I'm watching NCAA basketball. Bruins still alive. Stanford was thoroughly exposed by Louisville. Washington State had trouble but pulled ahead. Tennessee looked incredible. Lofton is my nominee for the best college player, though Kevin Durant (Texas) is also superb. Florida likely to repeat, but when the good teams face each other, anything can happen. Duke's out.

I need to go into the hospital where I only have one patient who is on dialysis and has what I think is nausea and dizziness due to an inner ear problem. Fortunately, the hospitalist admitted the patient and is runniing down ENT to see if there is a solution.

I've cancelled our Nation Cruise that was to be in July and our Silver Sea Cruise from Piraeus to Port Said that was to be in the fall. We will not be doing the adventurous cruises but will pick our places based upon the quality of available medical care. It will be 2 or 3 months, but Lin should come all of the way back. It will be one challenge after another, but she has proved she is a fighter and the desire to be independent motivates her.

I could spend a month, if I could remember everyone's names, which I can't, thanking one person after another for their great help in keeping my best friend in the picture. That effort, for the best of reasons, is humanity as it should be. Even if it had failed, so many gave it their best shot. And, it is succeeding.
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