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Still Raining in Paradise!

Well, it's Tuesday. I'm peeking at the NIT basketball tournament, the one for the bridesmaids who couldn't make it into the NCAA tournament, the "real" March Madness. John Chaney and Temple exited in the first round. UCLA plays Texas Tech on Thursday, the same day that daughter, Becky, husband, Peter, and grandchildren, Haley and Zach, fly in from Oakland. The fine folks from the hotel set up a vcr, so if UCLA plays when they arrive, I can watch the game, and suffer, at another, more convenient time.

Since our arrival, Friday night at 9 PM, we have had one day of sunshine, Sunday, and some rain every other day. After yesterday's rain, I played 3 sets of mixed doubles with Joan, a gal who lives in Hawaii for 5 months, and returns to Montana, for the rest of the year. She was quite steady to my erratic performance. Our opponents, the Rappoports, were a Dr. and wife from the Silicon Valley. Mike is a rheumatologist. We won the first and third sets. They were fine sports. I had no right to play as well as I did, and, as usual had a pitiful net game and an inconsistent serve. I also moved with the speed of a tortoise with emphysema. Call it deconditioning! Or maybe, age! A rematch was postponed today by a monsoon. Well, it looked like a monsoon.

There are compensations. On the mile walk to the Hapuna Prince where the lectures were held, there were a few drops of rain, and the brightest rainbow I can remember seeing. I took a photo and will try to post it. Speaking of posts, I did upload some pictures to my homepage on .Mac <http://homepage.mac.com/tinkll1/> to cover the first 3 days in paradise. The rainbow isn't there, nor is the work of the papparazi... Lin had her camera at courtside to catch my flailings. It may appear in the future, when I get tired of using my lovely model to accent the beauties in paradise.

The course has been memorable. Two hours into it, there was a loud thump from 6 rows behind, followed by milling people and then one heck of a take charge woman physician. We were into AIDS in Uganda, when a retired physician keeled over, setting off a CPR, and a demonstration of leadership that was commendable. He was out for 2-3 minutes, and, reportedly had no pulse, and the lady doctor, who had been an ER physician, was shouting command and mobilizing an effective program. When one of the doctors was doing ineffective compressions, she ordered a replacement. No monitor or defibrillator around, but within a couple of minutes the guy was responding, and the paramedics arrived 15 minutes later to take him to the hospital.

Word this morning was that he had no enzyme changes and was likely to be discharged in a day or two. Some whispers of vasovagal syncope, but then, why was he pulseless? It was either a demonstration of wonderful teamwork and a great outcome, or the wrong diagnosis. I was on the sidelines, cheering, having last had a CPR course 15 years ago, and a safe distance away, so as not to be drafted as a replacement, should the lady doc find her cast wanting. It was dramatic, and unscripted, and her leadership very impressive, so I will think of this as a life saved, and a demonstration of leadership under fire.

We ate at the Batik room last night and I had a Thai curry. We had complimentary profiterolles for dessert, the bowl containig them spouting white smoke, and the great Macadamia nut cookies, but otherwise, were fairly adherent to our diets.... a good thing, because on Sunday, we split an MKB french toast order and a full breakfast (which we each had.) We skipped lunch.

I've been using my iPod to record the lectures, and will try to transfer this to my computer. The accomplishment of the day was getting my CD to load into the iTalk library, and then painfully recording the names of the tracks. First one up is Lin's favorite, Carly Simon, and I find I like her a lot! When I listen, carefully.

Lin's sleeping, quietly. The sun is out for the next 15 minutes before it sets, but clouds will probably ruin a photo op. I think I'm scheduled for doubles tomorrow afternoon, and of course, class at 7:15.
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