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Thanksgiving Comes Early

Linda went into St. Joseph Hospital on February 13th and came out on March 13th, so she has been home for ten days. I ran into her gastroenterologist and gave him an update. He admitted that she was a pretty shakey discharge and he wasn't sure that she wasn't going to bounce back into the hospital over nutrition and electrolytes. A lot of pills to swallow.... unpleasant ones! And, to begin with, little appetite. For Lin, Marinol, a cannabis derivative, seems to work. Appetite, strength, endurance all are making progress, and Ensure Plus, with 350 calories, plenty of potassium has definitely helped. Her serum albumin is up to 2.9, from at least as low as 1.9, and her pre-albumin is normal.

Lin has a 24 hour nursing aide, Esther and Shahzie, alternating during the week and the weekend. We are so grateful to our good friend, Jacquie, who got us off to a wonderful start with home care. This is an area she knows, as a gerontologist, and her connections and generousity have made a difficult transition much easier than we anticipated. There is no question that Lin's rate of improvement is faster at home than it would be in a nursing facility, and she really didn't have the energy to qualify for the three hours of active physiotherapy at a rehabilitation facility.

I thought that I would just mention a few of our many wonderful friends who have done so much to cheer and support us at this critical time. Lin had many visitors in the hospital, including Sherry, Susan, Diana, Cathy, Ramani, Sue and Moh, Dave, Barbara, and I'm sure I'm leaving out several more.

Flowers just kept coming. From Jill and Craig and Joanne, Moh and Sue, Amber and David, Susan, MMR.

Many, many concerned phone calls from family and friends. Enough cards to ensure Hallmark's profitability for the next decade!

To all of you and those that I haven't mentioned, and most of all, for Lin's ongoing progress, it is an early Thanksgiving.
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