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19th Day at Home

This was a momentous week. On Tuesday, March 27, Lin went to see her surgeon and was lauded for her progress. Afterwards, we.... Lin, Esther (our nursing aide) and I went out for spring rolls and egg rolls at our favorite Viet Namese restaurant. Lin thinks she regained about five of the twelve pounds she lost. On Wednesday, SHE drove to her gastroenterologist's office, and again received a fine report. She walks with a walker, quite well, but is unable, at times to go from a supine position to a sitting position. Once she sits up, with a walker at hand, she can maneuver pretty well. Her left leg is very weak from the multiple sclerosis, but with the walker, she is ambulatory. After the gastroenterologist, we went off to Mimi's Restaurant, only to find that the corporate higher ups had decided that the Chinese Chicken Salad, which Lin loves, has been replaced by an Asian Chicken Salad, eliminating the mandarin oranges and adding carrots. Undoubtedly, carrots are cheaper! Two restaurants in two days! The Marinol is working!

Today it was a Japanese restaurant for lunch, and Lin ate well. The physiotherapist didn't show up, but we entertained the heating repair man, who flipped a $129 switch and was gone in a flash, and the wasp exterminator, who got four of the nests. The homeless wasps must have a line to "Brownie" as they seem to be rebuilding almost immediately.

I spent the day and my fortune at Costco, then waiting for on line help from Wells Fargo whose system is down. I am hoping to convert to Quicken 2007 for Macs to make life easier.

Lin continues to make progress, and Linda One, my sister, and brother-in-law, Bob, will be by on Sunday for an abbreviated seder. My only task is to make the chharosis. No, not cirrhosis! The newspaper had the gall to call this, "Haroset." My Ashkenazic soul revolted.... hence the Chhh gutteral, and the sss not the t. Oh well, what's an atheist to do? Think of basketball!
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