tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Lady Vols Edge Tar Heels

Horrible first half and then great, great game. Both teams played so well. I'm wearing my orange Vols tee shirt. What a game on Tuesday as Rutgers is playing out of their minds.... better than 50% on 3's.

I'll be pulling for the Gators tomorrow, as they came back to win two in a row, and stayed in school despite the NBA MILLIONS. Quite a story. We'll see what Afflalo choses to do. Sort of a character test, but, much as I like him, it's too much to hope for. With Howland coaching, the Bruins will be a threat most years, and next year they will have a post scoring threat. Can't gripe about a final four appearance and a loss to a superior Florida team. Hats off to the Gators for having a high graduation rate and two teams as national champions.

No April fools.
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