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Wow, Just to be on the site, successfully. It doesn't take much to make me a happy camper!

Lin's Progress Great! Since my last entry, Lin has seen a new neurologist as her former doctor is retiring. He found that her overall weakness and ataxia (which I missed) were likely due to an exacerbation of multiple sclerosis. He suggested a 3 day course of Solumedrol, and, as I'm familiar with its use in acute transplant rejections, I jumped on it. The result were, at least, initially, incredible. One infusion of 1000 mg. and she felt better. Well, euphoria and improved well-being is a rec ognized side effect of steroids, and we didn't start celebrating immediately. After 3 doses, she was feeling so good, she was walking upright instead of stooped over, and when we went out to a movie, she went from a walker to a cane. Big improvement. The last infusion was Friday. Today, she doesn't feel quite as strong. Nevertheless, the progress is impressive! So good, that we can recommend the movie:

The Namesake This is an Indian/American movie that brings a great warmth to the subject of immigration, cultural transition and customs. It's cultural anthropology applied. Lin and I loved it. Five Stars!

Sunday Brunch: We went to Laguna Niguel, to The Claimjumper and had brunch with Lin's mother, brothers Randy and Greg, and Josh and Tammy and their children, Myles and Danielle. The food was pretty good and a grand time was had by all, Lin managing with a cane. Of course, we take the Toyota Sienna minivan and not the Porsche.

Books: I'm making a bit of progress in my reading of Emmanuel Todd's, The Fall of the Empire, which ties literacy rates, fertility rates, globalization, free trade and compares the decline of American hegemony to the decline of the Roman Empire. So many insights as I plod along. I learned of this book via percyprune (who I must learn to link), but one step at a time. The second book is Geoffrey Gorer's, The American People, , which is a 1948 essay on the American people as seen by a British cultural anthroloplogist. I read it as a senior in high school in 1953 and it opened my eyes to cultural anthropology, though it was hard to pursue, as a pre-med major. So many of the same themes, for one, the cowboy stereotype, seems to apply to our naive entry into Iraq to bring liberal democracy to the Arabs. Of course, I'm pecking away at a number of other books, and:

Learning Quicken How did I ever get along without it and electronic bill paying? I still have so much to learn about the computer.

74 Squadron: Thanks again to LJ and friends, I'm now an associate member of the 74 (F) Tiger Squadron, a member of which nominated me for this honor, and Lin and I have an invitation to attend the Squadron's 90th anniversary, next year, in England. It's a long story, but we're looking forward to being there.
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