tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Bruin News.... so who cares?

Afflalo goes off to the pro's, as expected, leaving a large hole to plug. Josh Shipp had hip surgery, leaving another question mark. (Basketball) And the footballers ran out of running backs during spring practice, and Notre Dame is coming to the Rose Bowl in October, but thinks 1-11 Stanford is going to be a tougher game. That's going to be up on the bulletin board! For sure.

Meanwhile, I'm being challenged by an absence of worthy sports to keep me glued to the TV set. America at the Crossroads was a worthwhile series, and it was good to see that no crazed assasin did in Irshad Mangi. Wednesday, Bill Moyers returns to PBS. There has to be something to keep me away from honoring my promises to take dancing lessons with Lin, a diamond adorned Lin, if all my promises were to be honored.
Tags: bruins
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