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Planes of Fame, the Thunderbolt and Diversity

Yesterday, I drove myself to Chino for the topic above, initially planning to meet my son-in-law, Chris, and some grandchildren. Chris was ill, so I went alone, after squeezing in 3 dialysis unit rounds (9 patients.) Incidentally, if you love airplanes, in 2 weeks, Chino has its airshow: http://www.planesoffame.org/ Don't miss it! 3 P-38's in the air, above your head. Of course, a Spitfire.

I'd post pictures of the P-47 but last week, 2 computers went down, the most recent this morning, after I had downloaded my pictures. The P-47 was the early variety, modified to hold a second jump seat, and some lucky museum member got to take a ride. It reminded me of my very own Spitfire experience, and, at 71, much as I would like to, even in the more spacious '47, I don't have the dexterity to crawl in, let alone climb out. This was demonstrated, last year, when I sat in a Lotus Exige, and practically needed the fire department to extract me.
I do intend to post the pictures, or some pictures when the computers can be resuscitated.

Diversity, as a theme, was interesting to a largely male, and mostly white male at that, in that a Jamaican born helicopter pilot-entrepreneur-actor-comedian, Robin Petgrave, delivered the message. Spectacular! Uplifting! Inspirational! I couldn't believe the energy and the intention. I do believe that this is one of the most worthwhile activities that I have ever heard of, and, I intend to get involved. I will be joining the support group @ $50, and I will make myself available to anyone with an interest in finding out what doctors actually do, at least what this one does. This man makes sense in a way that others, however well meaning, only lend lip-service. Talk about charisma.... take 15 minutes, watch the link, and be inspired. http://www.tamuseum.org/
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