tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Procrastination Special!

Well, at least I took the garbage cans out to what passes for the curb in this un-incorporated area of paradise! I haven't watered..... plants, or patients.... but I'm down to two! Patients, not plants!

Lin, my lovely wife, is off to go somewhere with her friend and commisurate about life's curve balls. I've surveyed the latest maraudering mischief of the slugs.... really. They love my tenderest sunflowers and seem to not give a damn about OSH's slugicide!

So, I decided to expand my circle of friends and communities by hunting around, past Spitfires and World War II, to Single Payer Health Care. Huh? Yeah, okay, how about Universal Health Care, and that led me to Progressives of various ilks, and then to Kansas Progressives, and, what else.... sunflowers! Okay, focus on sunflowers! So this is what I found: keepoffthelawn on Dandelions, and French.... "Something I found interesting about dandelions, which I discovered when I was reading about them on Wikipedia, is that in french, they're called "pissenlit", which apparently means "urinate in bed" and Wikipedia claims this is due to their diuretic properties. Knowing how the french are about aesthetics and art though, I'm thinking that they're called such because if you're not going to pull them out of your flower bed, you might as well piss in it or that they're the flower equivalent to urine. Just a personal theory...."

Convergence and serendipity! How could I resist, but of course, I couldn't put in this picture, which I will now rectify, thanks to Baylor University's Continuing Medical Education course on the Urinalysis.

To paraphrase Lloyd Bentson, "I know diuretics. Diuretics are my friends. (CLOSE FRIENDS!) Dandelions are no diuretics!" And, it's probably better to cultivate dandelions as figurative, rather than literal friends. And now, I'm into the recognition of hummingbirds and false dandelions.
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