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Game Day and a New Hawaiian Fashion

Where to start... the perennial question! UCLA ranked 11 plays Texas Tech and Bobby Knight, ranked 6 in the Albuquerque region.... to begin at ~ 4:50 Hawaiian time, on CBS, if they chose to show the game They might or might not show the game, or show snippets. Well, it's out of my control. I'm exercising all the metaphysical mischief I can, from a distance. I'm wearing my blue and gold UCLA Hawai1an shirt and, right here in Hawaii, I'm wearing my blue and gold tie with my Bruin tie pin. More, I can not do!

So busy with CME that I haven't kept up with the newspaper, and at this moment, our daughter, Becky, husband, Peter, and grandchildren Haley and Zach, are en route to the Waikaloa Hilton, where I will greet them, relying on the VCR to record the basketball. Grandchildren and children before the Bruins. Delayed gratification.... or worse... delayed mortification!

They can't be favored. Well, the magic spell has been cast!
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