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Getting Up Early..... and "The Woman in the Cafe"

Two wonderful responses to my Single Payer Health Care rant, and they deserve more attention than I now have, as I must get 2 letters in the mail and I have a patient on dialysis from 4:45-7:45 A.M. in Westmeinster, half an hour away and 45 minutes coming back. He was a lot closer, but he couldn't afford to buy gas to travel to a better dialysis unit (quality, and for me, convenience.) I am writing to my grandson, Jake, to discuss his interest in rats, and our mutual interest in sunflowers.... he's watering an aspiring velvet queen!

But, I must recommend a great movie, The Woman in the Cafe. Well, when I google it, or NYT movie review it, nothing readily emerges. How can I recommend it, if I can't find it. Anyone ever heard of it? I saw it, and I even TIVO'd it! So, more details will emerge.
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