tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Apple Store - ProCare Web Page Construction - Wow

I went to the toy store and I got to play! Wow! iWeb and someone to teach me, for a whole hour.... $99/year for up to 52 1 hour tutorials. I am going to quit saving lives and just learn internet and computer stuff. I might even play my first game on a computer. No, not that level of self-indulgence, as long as I ship capybaras to Jake, and communicate with the Wing Commander.

March '08 is shaping up as a real experience, with 74 Squadron in Stratford, U.S.C. Medicine in Hawaii, and a condo experience with the Bjurstens and the Goldens (2/7 of my wonderful children, and 4/10 of my fabulous grandchildren.)

Well, it was most educational, and then Lin and I went to the Royal Khyber Restaurant for chicken tikka masala, eggplant and keema naan. Yum! Then, Lin watched Big Love, while I sawed wood. And delayed the microirrigation system that wil keep my sunfowers alive for the 3 days we will be spending in Corte Madera with the Bjurstens.

Actually got a few tasks done, now, save the sunflowers!
Tags: computers, vacation
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