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Woman to Girl... What a Difference

The movie that I alluded to in the recent past is called, "The Girl in the Cafe." Hence, no luck finding the wrong title. Here's Rotten Tomatoes Rotten Tomatoes on "The Girl in the Cafe" Limited number of reviews, but everyone loved it.

It was an HBO production originally and that probably limited its release. What I most liked about the movie was the peek into the interaction of bureaucrats placed in a position to really alter lives and destinies of nations. The countries depicted were stereotyped... very effectively, as I thought the dribble coming from the US delegation could have been scripted by Carl Rove. The English are placed in a very good light by their bureaucrats.

No wonder! Richard Curtis is the writer and executive producer. From the Brian Lowry, Variety review: "As the writer of "Love, Actually" and "Four Weddings and a Funeral," Curtis has been outspoken about his politics as well as his goals regarding the film, which starkly highlights the contention that major industrial powers aren't doing enough to ameliorate third world suffering. Yet despite the narrative burden of that humanitarian message, the central relationship remains thoroughly compelling, and it's difficult not to root for Lawrence to achieve some measure of happiness."

4/5 on the tinkll scale... needs another title, the tinkll scale, not the movie.
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