tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

What they don't know, won't hurt us.

I got a huge check in the mail, deposited it to my account and felt rich, for a moment. Than I visited my wonderful accountant to complete my tax return and he pointed out to me that I would owe all of the check and 25% MORE to Uncle Sam, for 25 years of tax deductions of various sorts. Okay, fair is fair. Got the benefit of a tax shelter, and now I must pay. Have to fund the troops, of course, Mr. Bush. And I'm a Democrat, so, I don't move offshore, or become .... whoa, no rant, this time.

Then he pointed out to me that the accountants who furnished me with the large check deducted their fees for the last 20 years, from the amount sent to me in the check. Okay, that's fair.... if I hadn't paid the amount, yearlyt, BEFORE they sent me the form I needed for my yearly tax return. So, here's a national accountancy firm, making an error that favors them, figuring that with a fat check, even if it all goes to the government, nobody is going to read the fine print. Or maybe, they're just incompetent? Sure. How many "errors" are made in the direction of underpayment vs overpayment? Capitalism, at work. Accountancy is supposed to be a profession... yeah, like a lot of realtors! At least gypsies have a code of behavior, unless they put on disguises. It's a complex, less than perfect world, isn't it? And, in everything, conservation of energy, or "you don't get something for nothing."

Ethics, anyone?
Tags: rant, tax breaks
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