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Halftime: Tech 37, Bruins 31

Doesn't look good. The freshmen are looking like freshmen, and the inside play is weak. Poor Michael Fey tries so hard, but is slow and ungainly. The Red Raiders are playing smart and working the ball into the paint, with the Bruins resorting to one and out 3 point attempts. Down by 9, they came back to tie, then faded in the final 3 minutes. They can't penetrate against the Tech defense and they aren't out of their heads in 3 point shooting percentage. Looks like one and out.... no expectations. The blue and gold magic hasn't worked so far. Now Haley and Zack are a different story! They're gorgeous! We met them at the Waikoloa Hilton where they're staying. What a spot for kids! Trams and boats and sand and dolphins. Lin stayed to be Grandma, and I came back to watch the Bruins. Looks like LSU is in big trouble against UAB. I will load up the computer with pictures. Maybe when son, Josh arrives on Saturday I can enlist his help in figuring out how to put up pictures. To my friends who've tried to help... thanks. At least I can print up a few postcards via .Mac, and put my photos up there under my homepage as tinkll1.
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