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More Loose Connections

I just had to put in this e-mail, laughing at myself all the way. And I've got to learn more about processional caterpillars....

Sent to: Contact@TheSellingEdge.com

Lovely, just lovely! I haven’t the faintest interest in sales, really, an aversion, but Wikipedia, J-Henri Fabre trivia led me to an article in e-zine with a lovely reference to this weird phenomenon.... Which made me think of Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rumsfeld circling the flower pot..... Far a field from selling a sales improvement course. I fear, they have already mastered the material.

I had to say thanks for the laugh, and if this goes, not to the founder, but to an employee far down the food chain, he might enjoy this appreciation from an old zoology major, with an interest in entomology, who practices nephrology in Orange, CA, and who once sold Movie Star Maps on Sunset Boulevard in 1952.... Enough to convince himself, that science rather than sales was his future. Hence, my curiosity about a sales effort linked to a scientific trivia.

Laurence Lewin, M.D.
1300 W. Stewart Drive
Suite 210
Orange, CA 92868

The context, for what it’s worth:

From LiveJournal: <http://drellakowalski.livejournal.com/172366.html?replyto=393038>

From Wikipedia, see, under trivia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/jean_henri_fabre> This was the reference that got me to Virden Thornton. I will remember the caterpillars, and Mr. Thornton every time they announce a Red Raider score. And how the hell did Mr. Thornton trip across this?

Mr. Thornton teaches Sales and Entrepreneurship at Texas Tech University. This is as far on the other end of the personality and political spectrum as I have ventured, in memory, since I was president of a Junior Achievement company in the 8th grade, and learned that I better make my mark in a profession.
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