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Pine Processionary Caterpillar

As I watch Baghdatis, the Greek-Cypriot, attempt to battle back from 2 sets down against Djokovic, eating Equal fresh peach pie and drinking coffee, I'm enjoying the account of this social caterpillar. Should anyone else wonder, here's the link: Processionary Caterpillar

This insect, a stage of a moth, apparently has mastered locomotion in the cold, and works at night. There was no picture of the adult moth, but excellent pictures of the caterpillar. Not much publicity for this creature in the U.S.

In the picture at the top of the page are three of my vices, the fresh peach pie leading the way. I alter my diet during the season to make room for this. There must be some undiscovered pheromone that draws me to Polly's Pies, and probably a support group, short of Overeaters' Anonymous, that could help me to overcome a seasonal addiction.
Tags: entomology, food
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