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"Sicko" Entertaining and Largely Accurate, until....

...the last twenty minutes with the trip to Guantanamo to get a level of care for some of the 911 firefighters that was no more than the level of care provided to the average Cuban (when a movie crew is shooting for the world to see!) I could have done without the Cuban segment, as it strains my credulity to believe that the Cuban economy would support the level of care to everyone that the Americans received, or that it is available outside of the medical centers of the heavily populated areas.

I would have liked to see the health insurance industry attacked with more facts and that it be made clear that universal health care, while a step in the right direction, is a very wasteful step if insurance companies are allowed to take a 15-20% cut right off the top. I don't think I heard the words, "Single Payer," in the whole movie. How many of the electorate know the difference between Clinton-Obama-Edwards Universal Health Insurance, and Kucinich's Single Payer. Yes, incremental improvement, but at enormous cost, when the problem is solveable at no increased cost, but at the distress of the for-profit insurance companies, hospital corporations and drug comnpanies.

The depiction of France as a workers' paradise is at odds with the election of Sarkozy whose agenda includes abolishing the many constraints that he sees to productivity, including the 35 hour work week. The France depicted is a bit too good to be true, but the attitude toward the extention of health care to all who need it appears to be backed up by fact. In the United States, we don't really care about the uninsured, or the communal responsibility for one another. The interview with the Labor politician reflects the attitude of the Left toward NHS, and the reward offered to physicians who encourage a higher percentage of their patients to adopt healthy habits, such as ceasing smoking, was amusing to me, as I projected myself into the attempt to get an economically deprived, non-English speaking Hispanic, who had not completed the 7th grade, to grasp the need drop tortillas for weight reduction, and glycemic control... and that my income depended upon "results." Maybe in Greenwich.... maybe, I'm jealous of a primary care M.D. who gets paid more than I do under the NHS. And maybe his success rate would suffer if he were teaching in another language.

Despite all, "Sicko" gives an embarrassingly accurate picture of the paradox of a country with great wealth but without the will power to extend the blessings that should go with it, to all of its citizens, let alone, residents. Oh well, we're still ahead of Slovenia... for now!
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