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Mid-August Update

Major clinic rounds are over for the month and this will be an omnibus update.

About three weeks ago, the Bjurstens arrived from Corte Madera for 2 weeks in Southern California, spending a week in San Clemente and a week in Balboa. Part of the time was also at our house and at Haley's and Zachary's favorite restaurant, Ruby's. I spent my time building Edsels.... yes, that unsuccessful Ford product that symbolized how not to design, build and market an American car. The kids' menu at Ruby's is printed on a clever little cardboard sheet that, with a few punches here and there, turns into a turquoise facsimile of the Edsel, and it comes compete with various stick ons, including fuzzy dice. There were discussions about who gets what color, but a fine time was had by all, and it was bargain with my 10% Jitterbug Club discount. All I could do was gaze fondly at the double chocolate milk shakes from afar, but I did consume an indecent amount of onion rigns. Momentous, huh?

About 3 Saturdays ago, we had a huge shindig at the house with every kid except Laurie, all the spouses except Chris and Matt, all the grandchildren except Sami, crowded into our house for the semiannual gettogether. Fun, but exhausting.

The tail end of the Bjursten visit was punctuated by a trip to the Children's Theater at the Santa Ana Ebell Club where "Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," was presented in a colorful and lively fashion. I enjoyed it immensely, and the quality was well worth the admission price. There are a lot of talented kids in the community. It was so good, and the opportunity presented itself, so Lin will take Kayla and Sami, daughter Eve and Chris' children, to another performance this afternoon. I have a pass.... The grandkids will sleep over, and I'm hoping to use this as an excuse to watch Harry Potter's first 2 movies.

Speaking of Harry (in this omnibus).... I'm listening to the 7th volume as read by Jim Dale, as I move from one dialysis clinic to another.... sometimes a hundred miles or more a day, so the diversion is welcome. Usually, it's NPR, but Jim Dale's voices are irresistable, and I've found myself listening to the end of a chapter while parked in a lot because it is just too exciting. I find that I'm forgetting details from the previous volumes that I should remember.

Unfortunately, in the age range of my patients, and with their other multiple problems, I've lost a few old friends, Thao Nguyen, Maura Martinez and Shirley Myers. Each deserves an entry of her own. They will all be greatly missed.

Lin and I will be traveling to St. Paul and Eagan, MN, to visit Sannee and Don Klein in 11 days. Sannee and I go way back to Hibbard Elementary School and Roosevelt High School in Chicago, and reconnected at a reunion about 10 years ago. I've tried to lure her onto LJ, but unsuccessfully.

From Eagan, we go to Lincoln, NE, where daughter, Laurie attends the University and Matt, her husband, creates stained glass windows. You can rent a car there for $14/day, while it is closer to $50 in St. Paul. This will be a quickie, and we'll be home in time for the football season.... meaning college, the BRUINS and the Trojans. Coming on fast, so Lin's foot rubs, her inducement to put up with football, are coming as well.

Torshia, my Porsche, just got her 150,000 mile inspection and service, and it was a bargain until the third stoplight was repaired and the short run down, for ~ $500!!! Fun, but it isn't cheap. The digital display on the VDO tachometer that registers such things as average miles per gallon, average speed, outside temperature, miles to empty, etc., became unreadable. The display was failing so I had it repaired. Another $500! A new one would have been $1,400!!! My work car. At $4 payment for a urinalysis, that's a lot of piss! Yeah, I examine the urines myself.... nephrologist stuff from the Pleistocene.

I am reading at least 2 books, aside from listening to Harry. Kevin Phillips: "American Theocracy." Howard Zinn: "A People's History of the United States." Nevertheless, I'm still proud to be an American. We can overthrow the present administration democratically, even if too much of the country is napping, and too many are too stupid to understand that they have a real stake in who represents them. But that's a whole other thing.

Oh, lastly, Kong (The Magnificent) is flourishing in the patio off our bedroom... a lovely, vigorous, happy sunflower, and we are yanking tomatoes and apricots out of the garden. Life is just lovely, thank you, before the Bruins underachieve.
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