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Travel Plans

As always, when a vacation looms, suddenly I get busy. Three patients all in one hospital.... not busy, when I used to have 8-12 in 3 or four hospitals, but enough to keep me on the move. Moh will take them over.

Tonight, we go to Ruth Chris to see the Trostlers, Dorian and Gerry. Gerry practiced non-invasive cardiology in Long Beach, but about 5-8 years ago, he moved to Palm Desert. We used to play tennis at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, on the Big Island, where U.S.C. has its March Annual Diagnostics and Therapeutics in Internal Medicine course, and where I've been a regular, a real regular, for perhaps 30+ years. The Trostlers have been happily married, and we, for 22 years, Lin and I, but before that, Yara, then Linda Platt, then Sally the Last, and I, saw the Trostlers once a year in Hawaii. After I married Linda, we socialized more and began to see the Trostlers on the mainland. We're a happy, compatible foursome. Both Trostlers are Bruins. We're Docs, and aside from a difference on how best to get to Peace in the Middle East, we have a ball. This ball, and all those unnecessary calories, will be courtesy of Ruth Chris.

Then, tomorrow at 7 AM, armed with my portable GPS and Kevin Phillips; "American Theocracy" we leave Orange County John Wayne for, eventually, Minneapolis-St. Paul and 2 days visiting with the Kleins, Sannee and Don, with whom we reconnected at the Roosevelt High School reunion, about 1993. San and I go back to Hibbard Elementary School in Chicago, and then Roosevelt. We'll have a ball!

Friday, we're off to Lincoln, NE, and the Cornhusker Hotel, to visit my youngest daughter, Laurie, and her husband, Matt. Laurie is finishing her undergraduate days at Nebraska, and will be choosing some law school, like her 2 oldest brothers! She'll be the 4th lawyer, counting, daughter-in-law, Jeanie. Where did I go wrong? Kidding!

Anyway, that's a load for this stay at home guy, but the march of the forthcoming football season has me socializing before the Bruins, and frustration, become my fate,

Oh, and in October, I tear myself away from the Bruins (and Trojans, secondarily) to see the autumn leaves on a NCL liner out of New York, Boston, Martha's Vineyard, Halifax, Nova Scotia and back in 6 days, catching the U.C.L.A. Notre Dame game in a New York hotel. Wow! Now that Lin's recovered, pretty much, we're on the go, though we'll have wheel chair assistance at the airports.
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