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Football, Football, Football!!!

Work done for the day with an early start. As Laurie goes to Nebraska, I had to root for the Huskers over the Demon Deacons, though a few years back, well 12 years back, I disguised a tenth anniversary party as a Bruin game party before an imagined Wake Forest vs UCLA basketball game. Since that surprise the Wake Forest Demon Deacons have always been a little special. They almost upset the Huskers but got a bad call on a missed defensive holding that would have kept a deep drive alive. Huskers won.

I was hoping for a Miami upset of the Sooners, but it didn't happen. After reading about the Miami coach in Sports Illustrated,Randy Shannon I was rooting for an upset. Not this time.

Pulling for Cal over Colorado State, currently 21-14 in the 4th quarter. Just jumped to 34-14 Go Pac-10! Ended 34-28, and Coach Tedford was unhappy!

Pulling for the Huskies of U. Washington over Boise State. Ahead at the half.

Poor, poor Michigan. Before halftime, 7-32 with the Oregon Ducks beating up on this team in the Big House.

Bama beat Vandy... Happy, Angelica? The commentators said it was ugly!
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