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Game Ball to Max Hall, BYU Cougars

This was all about sophomore QB, Max Hall, who threw for about 400 yards, 2 TD's and 1 interception. He, and his offensive linemen, and the offensive coordinator, really held up to an aggressive Bruin defense. 30/52 for 391 yards for Hall. A great pro future. Ben Olson is earning the title of journeyman. I''d take Hall in a moment.

Bruins win 27-17, but this was a statistical lopsided victory for BYU. Their winning streak of 11 straight was the longest in the nation at the time it was broken. This is the team, BYU, that flattened Oregon in a bowl game, and Oregon just destroyed Michigan in Ann Arbor.

So, a Bruin hats off to the Cougars. May they go undefeated the rest of the year!
The Bruins will need miracles to beat the Trojans, the Bears and the Ducks, let alone Washington which ended Boise State's winning streak earlier in the day.

Ann Arbor must be the saddest place in the nation, except for South Bend! And Michigan and Notre Dame, each 0-2, face each other next week. A local sportswriter quipped that the game is no longer being televised by the Big Ten Network, but will be on the Food Network.
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