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Rosh Hashanah at Christakis

Two dinners out in three nights! Wow! Tuesday deserves an entry of its own as Lin and I celebrated 29 years of a successful renal transplant with recipient, C., and her husband, a former nurse at Neophron, my old dialysis clinic (1971-1994, may it rest in peace!) Once I write my entry and clear it with C., I will publish with pictures. 'Til then, trust me, it's a very, very happy story!

Yesterday, my last patient of the day was a Greek physician, a survivor of the Holocaust, who wrote a book about the period, and went on to teach biochemistry in the U.S. Earlier in the week, sister Lin (Linda, the First) suggested that we get together for the holiday, and sparing wife, Lin (Linda, the Last, or Linda II) the dishes and preparation, that we go out for a Greek dinner. Lin I and Bob drove in from Malibu, and Josh, Tammy and our grandchildren, Myles and Danielle drove in from South Orange County to Christakis for a wonderful dinner of spanakopita, mousaka, souvlaki, gyro and baklava. Also, a wonderful custard in phyllo dough with cinammon. And a Berringer White Zinfandel!

There was a Hawaiian guitar player! We're cosmopolitan, so we like Hawaiian guitar players to celebrate Rosh Hashana in a Greek restaurant with California wine. Myles and Danielle are so well behaved and adorable. Danielle, 8 months old on the 29th of September, is about ready to walk. She is adorable. Myles brought his dinosaurs and cars to go with the festive occasion. We were serenaded out into the night air with "Rock-a-bye Baby."
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