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Bruins Visit the University of Utah

tinkll1 on Sep 15, 2007 08 :14 AM PST Sporting News

I would love to see Olson live up to his press notices, pre-UCLA, but the offensive coordinator can't over look the weakness of the Utes in rushing defense. They've allowed 287.5 yards/game on the ground and 92.5 through the air. Sounds like they're tough vs passing until you look at the points allowed, 22/game. With Markey, Bell and a sharp third stringer (at least vs. Stanford), Norvell, the offensive coordinator, no matter how much he wants to give Olson confidence, will go to the ground game to establish the offense, only making Utah pay when they adjust to a 7 yard/carry average. (My prediction, as I see the Ute line as Swiss cheese.... just hope we have the rodentia to get the job done!)

On defense, look for 3 turnovers.

This game should be a scrimmage. But then, we're UCLA, and we love to let down the faithful. We need to learn to finish! Maybe that last drive against an excellent BYU team means something. Maybe not.

UCLA 45, Utah 10

It's not that we're that good, it's that they are plagued by injuries, and have lost two, and the Bruins have underperformed last week, and, in their sawtooth style, they should be up for this one.

Other predictions: Washington upsets the Buckeyes in Seattle, 21-10. Arkansas upsets 'Bama in Birmingham, 17-10, Trojans 24-21 over the Cornhuskers at Lincoln, and to dress this up a bit, here's University of Nebraska senior honor student, Laurie Stufft, husband Matt and me, in Lincoln, this time last year, when the Trojans won at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Remember, the Trojans are my second favorite football team, but my favorite medical school!

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