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Wrong, Wrong, Wrong Utah 44, UCLA 6

The Bruins should see if the Ivy League would take them. This was pitiful! Horrible! And injuries. Miserable. They are not to be taken seriously, ever!
They are smashed.

Congratulations, Utah, Ohio State, Florida, and, so far, Alabama. I can't even work up enthusiasm for playing Notre Dame, who look even worse.... maybe!

This is a team that requires resuscitation, the intensive care unit. They stink. Olson stinks. Dorrell, Norvell, and even the defensive coordinator, rotten today!

There is no saving rationalization. I hope the student athletes are getting something out of the classroom, because the football field appears to be beyond their grasp. You need IV Zofran to watch their games.

I have no suggestions, and I can't wait for the start of the basketball season.

If they were horses, they'd be put down. There are absolutely no excuses.
Tags: bruins, college football
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