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A Few Comments on March Madness, and JURY DUTY!!!

I have already written a picture postcard from Hawaii to Ben Howland, coach of the UCLA Bruins, following their loss to Bobby Knight's Texas Tech Red Raiders, in the first round. The card is memorable for it has a picture of me in a Hawaiian shirt, blue and gold, of course, and I am wearing my good luck Bruins' tie. I look dejected. Wearing a tie in Hawaii is a kind of desecration, but at least if it's for a cause. It did not work! Tech's defense shut down Jordan Farmar who couldn't get the UCLA offense going and they ended up looking like the freshmen they largely were. But Howland is getting them to play like the Bruins of old, and there is hope, so, laughing at myself, I wrote to Howland to encourage him.... like he needs it! I need it!

And today, the decision as to which team to pull for when my native state, Illinois played Arizona, the last hope of the Pacific Ten Conference. I pulled for Arizona, my son, Dirk's favorite team. (He also loves Syracuse, another first round loser!) So, tonight, Stoudamire picks this critical night to have one of his worse nights, and the Wildcats squander a 14-15 point lead with 4 minutes to go, and lose in overtime, and don't even get off a credible shot with 11 seconds left! How could they not get off a decent shot at least?

Great Illini comeback. Worthy of a championship game. Now, of course, I hope they go all the way! This is really the greatest time for college sports because of the single elimination tournament.

I'm back from 2 weeks in Hawaii, and I have to report for jury duty on Monday! Two sons are deputy district attorneys, I'm a physician, and they want me to serve on a jury, instead of seeing 30 patients a day! My request to be excused was denied. Nothing wrong with my health. Do they know about my reaction to March Madness?
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