tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

It was a really great vacation, because it was away from all responsibilities. I hope to post a few pictures once I solve a few problems with iPhoto, but, in truth, the colors of the fall didn't really materialize, as the weather in the Northeast was probably too balmy.

This was the Courtyard on 40th Street between Madison and 5th Avenue.

To repay my wife for a miserable 3 1/2 hours watching UCLA hand the game to Notre Dame, I accompanied her to Lord and Taylors on 5th Avenue, and kidded her about her unfashionable "wide ruled" versus the au courant "college ruled" blouse.

I had the temerity to wear this shirt in anticipation of victory.... "Kiss your pass goodbye." Well, we did, when a walk-on redshirt freshman QB threw one interception after another. WE STINK!

We will have a very competitive basketball team.... you know, I'm a reliable source!

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