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Bruin Blues

Just about the bottom. Since UCLA was favored by 1 over Arizona, at Arizona, it is foreordained that the Bruins will lose, but will it be close? No, it wont. Injury, injury, injury. Cowan, Pat, a concussion. Markey... turf toe. Receivers depleted. Now it's Osar Rashan, with McCleod Bethel-Thompson waiting in the wings. Rashan can run. But no line in front of him.

So there's basketball, right? Collison got a knee injury in an exhibition yesterday. MRI on Monday.

That's not an icon, that's the next quarterback, a redshirt freshman, Claus something or other?

And we close the season with Arizona State BCS#4, Oregon #5, and a former #1, with a really great Medical School, U.S.C. Get well, Darren Collison!
Tags: bruins, college football
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