tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Playing with iWeb and Bar Harbor Slide Show

Fiddling and learning in the last 2 weeks of the month, now that most of my required dialysis clinic rounds are completed, I turned to iWeb and what little I had learned at the Apple store in my tutoring session. What a deal. Thanks, Beckster.

Of course, LiveJournal is the place to write, but the iPhoto upload through iWeb to a webpage and slide show seems to be easier than the process of uploading one picture at a time or three at a time through photobucket. Also, the practically self-teaching style of iWeb makes page construction easy enough, though slow, for a non-techie like me.

So, I thought I'd link the web page slide show to this, and ask for comments. Is this easy enough to use and which do you prefer?

Bar Harbor - Day 3 aboard the Norwegian Spirit - October 2007
Tags: bar harbor, vacation
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