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Bulgaria, King Boris and the Holocaust

A bit off my beaten track, but I'm interested in how an ally of Nazi Germany, led by an apparently autocratic king, somehow went against Nazi doctrine, and refused, apparently, to transport its Jewish citizens to the death camps. King Boris was, apparently, no good guy, by any means, but Bulgarian Jewish citizens were, almost entirely, spared by Bulgarian decisions not to go along with the kind of cooperation that occurred almost everywhere else in the Axis occupied Europe. Further, paradoxically, when the Bulgarians invaded Greece (Thrace), Bulgarians deported Greek Jews in sizable numbers.

All of this emerged in the lecture I attended at Chapman College, part of series sponsored by the 1939 Club (Holocaust Survivors.) A patient of mine, Dr. Frederic Kakis, has written a book about his, and his family's, escape from the Salonika area, where most of the large Jewish community was liquidated. It is clear that the Greeks had no love for the Bulgarians, and the Bulgarians, in Greece, were effective tools of Nazi policy, but most Bulgarian Jews were spared.

I had intended to put this entry into a community called "Weird Jews" on LJ, but it is not an open community, so while my application is suspended in cyberspace, I thought I would put it in my very own journal, which is open.... to me... a secular, atheist, Humanist, Jew. I don't like to be filtered or excluded.... too much like an exclusive club, or Lake Geneva in the '40's.

Shalom aleichem!
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