tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

So, We're in the Vanguard

Growing up during World War II, and wanting to fly a Spitfire, and, somehow finding that I had become imprinted with the bagpipe skirl and "Scotland, the Brave," I was encouraged when my friend, Mark Donchin sent me a link to the Telegraph (London) and an article entitled,"For you, reader, the war is just beginning."

And this paragraph caught my eye: Remember how lonely you felt during that ghastly period in the peacenik 1990s, when it seemed as if you were the only person left on earth who could differentiate between a Spitfire and a Hurricane, or gave a damn what our brave boys got up to at Arnhem and Kohima?

It's okay! It's mainstream. And all this while we bring Democracy to the blighted Middle East. So war is just fine.... as history, as novel, as reminiscence. As reality, it's hell!
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