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UCLA vs Michigan State Basketball 11/20/2007

A sigh of relief, somewhat, as Missouri would have been an awful lot of pressure on Russell, the point guard filling in for the injured Collison. The Bruins looked ragged. Josh Shipp's cheap shot, early, was disappointing. Nice to see that Howland sat him down. The Bruin frontline is a handful, and the Terps fought hard, but up front the Bruins, this year, could challenge last year's Gators.

Of interest, there are 24 people who list UCLA Basketball as an interest, and only 3 or so, who list Bruin Basketball. The Belmont Bruins upset Alabama, I think!

Awaiting the return of Collison, Roll and Keefe, and glad it's not the middle of the Pac-10 season.

Lin is watching, "Dancing With the Stars." I'm caught up with my dialysis rounds. Wednesday at 5 AM we leave in the Toyota Sienna for Corte Madera and Thanksgiving with Becky and the kids. I sent a dinner card to Drs. Ghiasi and Hyat as my Thanksgiving tribute for their Valentine's Day present, my wife!

In case I don't make it back until after Thanksgiving, I hope you all have a great one.... the same kind of euphoria that affected lasergirl
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