tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Waiting for a Tire

I'm at Grand Prix Tires in Costa Mesa waiting to have the right rear tire replaced on Torshia..... again, after about a month or so, since it has a spike that went through it. I'm lucky that this didn't happen far from home, like on a vacation, because the tires and wheels are so huge, they don't fit into the trunk, and the roll bar precluded fitting the tire into the space behind the front seat. So what would have happened in Coalinga with a flat, some suitcases in the front deck and Lin in the seat beside me. The collapsible spare would run the car all right, except it would be the lady or the tire/wheel. I wonder if I could rig up some temporary roof device.... a quilt against the paint, and some kind of rubber spider that could fasten to the doors and hold the tire on the roof so I could save the wheel/tire, and the wife.

Yeah, of course I would abandon the wheel/tire, and keep the wife. Maybe store the tire in some location by the road, find a motel for the wife, go back and get the tire, attend to it's needs.... on a weekend? In Coalinga... well, there's the Harris Ranch.... if it's Coalinga.

Oh these ethical questions.....
Tags: porsche
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