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Slow Leak and Transplants for Christmas

Well, still waiting for the tire, an hour later, and reading the Friend's Page and thinking about the opportunity to work in stem cell research, and then realizing that this old geezer-doctor is embedded in the resin of clinical nephrology, surrounded by the insurance raptors, and with a pharmaceutical formulary posing the menace of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It's not easy to be a healer in the Jurasic!

Well, two of my patients got cadaver transplants in the last week, and they're doing well. One of my patients who got a transplant three years ago had his Medicare benefits withdrawn, and, as he is undocumented, he is not eligible for MediCal! So his live donor transplant was about to go down the tubes (be rejected) because he couldn't afford to pay for cyclosporine, and because he's undocumented, the pharmaceutical company won't treat him as an indigent worthy of their contribution. Of course they didn't deny him the benefit of their product when the government was paying for the cyclosporine! His brother gave him a kidney.

After 3-4 days without cyclosporine, and without my knowledge of what was going on, I found out and treated him with a steroid pulse and his creatinine went down from 2.7 to 2.2. Good old St. Joseph Hospital (He had his transplant at the proprietary Western Medical Center Santa Ana) agreed to register him in their Clinica La Amistad, and the Sisters, Bless Them!!!, are providing him with drugs and labs. That's where I volunteer, so I'll continue to be seeing him.

As a consequence of this, I've resolved not to see any pharmaceutical rep in the transplant field whose company wont provide their medication for someone in this circumstance. What the hell's the difference between as worthy citizen and a worthy citizen of Mexico. Is immigration enforcement going to be placed in the hands of Sandoz and Merck? Let 'em keep washing our dishes until their kidneys reject, and then rescue them with chronic hemodialysis? That's covered. Transplants aren't after 3 years. Crazy!

Kucinich has this one right. Single Payer Health Care, and that SOB, Bush, just vetoed SCHIP. Merry Christmas Compassionate Conservatives!

Ken, get busy and start turning those stem cells into nephrons.... pass this encouragement on to your advisor! Were it that easy......
Tags: health care, medicine, transplants
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