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What a Month! Four Renal Transplants!

This was one really unusual month. It started with about sixty patients on dialysis, and with 6 days to go, 4 of them have gotten transplants, just this month. This is closer to my number for a year.

The first was Blanca, a 33 year old mother, on dialysis for about 9 years. The second was Apolinar, a 38 year old man who had been on dialysis less than 3 years. The third was Apolonia, about 40, on dialysis for 15 years. The fourth was Cristina, 38 years old and on dialysis for 13 years. All are doing well. All were home by Christmas.

This is as good as it gets!

Here's a photo of Apolonia and her daughter, husband and nurse, 2 days after the transplant. The daughter is graduating from Cal State Fullerton in psychology and will be going to law school. Her husband delivers newspapers. She was originally undocumented, but now has a green card.

These are my Christmas presents.
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