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McCain and Iseman

Well, here we are in Hawaii, at the Kona Coast Resort, enjoying a life of leisure with family, TV (the Bruins are winning.... The Trojans just came from 15 back to knock off the Ducks, even with Hackett out with a back problem.... and CNN, the Clinton-Obama debate, and yes, McCain-Iseman.)

So Bruin fans, rare family visitors, and friends.... this one is about attractive women.

McCain is a Man

What better way to get a man's attention, than to dangle an attractive woman in front of him, particularly with a message. The pharmaceutical industry specializes in this innocent (they would say) corporate seduction, and they offer other inducements, free meals, trips, and, oh yes, ball point pens and unceasing flows of note tablets and product samples. This is called merchandising. These people are sales people. They use attractive women because more doctors are men, and men tend to look at attractive women.

Anyone notice that Hooters sells hamburgers?

As long as men are men and women are women and manipulation is the name of the game, male fantasy will be exploited. Pharmaceutical reps and lobbyists will attempt to get their message across. Occasionally, the participants will abandon the rules of the game and dive deeper into the male female thing. Yes, bosses and secretaries sometimes do it. Politicians and lobbyists, probably, too.

But the game, female display, suggestion, attention.... hey, that's life. It works the other way, too.

So, that part is no surprise. Beyond that, For McCain, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Its Own Risk raises questions about journalism more than politics, about safeguarding a candidate from innuendo, about image and the damage to it, about newspaper endorsements and the interrelationship of editorial and news staffs in a great newspaper. If this story has been percolating behind the scenes since December, and the Times endorsed McCain over Giuliani, what is really going on?

Sorry, I can't tell you.

I like McCain-Finegold. I respect McCain's military service. I don't like politicians very much, but they are necessary to our governing process... pure old democracy doesn't work when you have to coordinate millions, and representatives are necessary. Influence and innuendo are with us. Transparency is the best defense. The faster we get rid of lobbyists and pharmaceutical representatives, and their inducements, note pads, ball point pens and sexual fantasies as tools of manipulations, the better off we will be as a society. There's always Staples for the office supplies, and you don't need me to tell you much more.

But, look for the substance in the article, and it's about the concern of campaign managers over image and appearance and the illusion they wish to project. Its advertising threatening to go bad. In a materialistic society, that's scary!
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