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A Surprise in Warwick

Jet lag or at least some kind of time disorientation is an inevitable consequence of travel through multiple time zones, and so when we retired at 11 PM, local Warwick time, it was 3 PM in Southern California. At 3 AM, local time, I awakened from a refreshing sleep, and did my calculations, realizing that the Bruins were then engaging the Sun Devils in Tempe, AZ, without my conscious help, so onto the internet to see if someone was streaming the radio account of the game. If they were, I couldn't find them, but the CNN-SI site had top 25 scores, and I watched the updates as the Bruins pulled away to a victory. Not as good as radio or TV, but I was in touch. Lin was sleeping and the TV was pretty dull at that hour, with only the world news endlessly replaying. For endless replay, I'd prefer Dvorak, as previously stated.

I fell asleep and was sawing wood when the phone went off. Phone, in a strange room, where the heck was that strange ring coming from. By the time I found it, the caller had been switched to the message recording, unbeknownst to me, for I simply got the blank line, assumed it was a wrong number, made a mental note of which direction to charge forward in, should it happen again, and went back to sawing wood.

An hour later, following the dress rehearsal, I had another opportunity. This time, I was vectored in and made a timely interception. Or rather, Lin did. I should have, but I relieved her when she said it was.....percyprune Wow! Here I am, an alien Yank in Warwick and MI-5 has alerted the locals and my whereabouts were totally given away.... then it clicked.... LJ, my friend, and the reason that I'm here to meet John and Bob Cossey and whoever else appears in the lounge at 3 PM today. He had found out all in my LJ communique. Most of my kids haven't the faintest notion where I am, but my LJ friend is a neighbor.

I had no idea of the proximity of Warwick to anywhere except Stratford. I've been practicing saying War-ick, so as not to be as complete an idiot. All of the exotic names of the local towns are wasted on me, and the geographical proximity of anything less conspicuous than Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, etc., just escapes me. It seems that percyprune lives nearby, so we will try to see him, sometime between now and our Sunday morning train adventure to London. This is a wonderful surprise.

It's not just percyprune, but I'm thinking of the friends I flew over en route to Heathrow. The 777 has a cabin viewable GPS. That's how I know that our ground speed was 700 mph as we flew over Halifax and just south of St. Johns (lasergirl) and just north of Plymouth (drellakowalski)

It's truly amazing what LJ has done for me and the difference between a pen-pal in the post WWII era, Jean Claude, I recall, in Montpelier, and the weeks between letters.... and the 777 versus my 1969 trans-polar 707 flight to Stockholm and Stuttgart, and the relative ease of travel today (at least in business class!) Progress. I'm reminded of my first airplane flight in 1953, Los Angeles to Chicago in a TWA Super-Constellation.... really exciting.

So, that's my update.
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