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USC at the Hapuna Prince

Return to Hawaii USC IM Course
Grinding corn is good for you! It's sure good for Lin and me. We're at the Internal Medicine conference that we missed last year with Lin's illness. The conference starts Monday at a 6:45 A.M. breakfast and runs to about 12:15 But today is basketball! And writing letters.

It took us an extra 3 hours to get to Kona from Orange County as Aloha's 737-700 had problems and wasn't ready at 9:00 AM (We had awakened at 5:15 AM)
We arrived in Kona after a 5 hour 10 minute flight. Avis got us a Chevrolet sub-compact with minimum fuss, vs our last experience with Alamo. Bright red, 4-door with 33,000 miles and tiny trunk access, no resettable odometer, but it will do. No Focus available.

After we drove to the Hapuna Prince we got a lovely room, internet at $10/day... remember it was $30/day in Warwick.... a most comfortable bed, PBS on TV catching the end of the News Hour, then a stroll to the bar for a Pina Colada and a Keaha (coffee flavored Pina Colada) and a cheese plate with papaya. A twosome played jazzy renditions with a lady vocalist.... well, I can't have everything. No folk music of the British Isles, even if the state flag incorporates the Union Jack.

No sleep control on the TV, which isn't well located ergonomically, and doesn't swing out for viewing. They could do better. They couldn't do better with the bed or the bathroom... even more comfortable bed than at home. We slept very well and enjoyed an iPod concert in the wee-small hours, and then a breakfast buffet like no other. I would recount it but I don't want to remember just how much I ate.

Our Hapuna Prince Photo Album

And now it's basketball.... make that BASKETBALL meaning, currently, Stanford at USC, then Califonia at UCLA, and many others. An orgy of basketball.

Lin will go shopping and I will concentrate on non-fat yogurt and papayas for the rest of the stay.... or so I resolve.

More later, and specifically, more about the place that we thought we'd never get back to, together.
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