tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Journalistic Integrity

In an off the record remark, Samantha Power characterized Hillary Clinton as "a monster." She was speaking in Britain to a reporter from The Scotsman

Obviously, to me at least, this was a grave mistake to characterize a political opponent within the same party who may be your party's presidential candidate, as a "monster," when you really mean to characterize her tactics as unfair and improper. But the concern to me is that in The Scotsman the remark is said to be "off the record," and then it is put on the record. The lesson is that you can't ever say anything that is "off the record." And you can't blog it either.

Save it for pillow talk, and vet the person you whisper to, or take your chances. Self-restraint is a most admirable trait and necessary for politics. I remain committed to Obama, and feel that the chances for a Barack-Hillary ticket, very little to begin with, are now less and less.
Tags: journalism, obama, politics
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