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Politicians and Prostitutes

Elliott Spitzer is the latest politician to be pilloried for sexual misconduct. He is said to have been "hard on prostitution." He is a former attorney general of the State of New York. He has been an effective agent of enforcement against corporate greed. He was a rising star in the Democratic Party. Hypocrisy is not a trait that is laudable in any individual, let alone a politician. I wish he hadn't, and if he had, and it seems he has, I wish he hadn't been caught.
This probably means the end of bright future and goes along way to negate his past accomplishments in the public judgment.

Prostitution, like drinking alcohol was at one time, or interracial marriage was at another time, is illegal...in many places. Not in at least one county in Nevada, and not in many European countries. Having illicit relations is punishable, in some places, by stoning.

In my opinion, consensual relations between the sexes, after the age of majority, and I would place that at 18, should not be illegal. The consequences of infidelity to relationships must be taken into consideration by any adult tempted to violate the trust of another who is loved and treasured. The betrayal of that trust is a grave matter in relationships, and is a factor in whether the word of another can be trusted.

The trading of sexual favors for money, position, advantage, information occurs because of a difference in the sexes, and is a characteristic of human relationships. To my mind, sexual manipulation, ranging from the use of fantasies exploited to advantage, are not a whole lot different than the more honest legalization of prostitution. Victorian values, fundamentalist values are at odds with human sexual desire.

It is very sad, to me, that a man, or a woman, should have to pay another man or woman, for the semblance of the human contact and the promise of pleasure that it brings. Sad, indeed. I am very, very sorry for the embarrassment and ridicule that will befall Mrs. Spitzer and her family.

On the scale of crimes against society, it is the mildest of indiscretions compared to the lies and death brought to Iraq and the American military by George Bush and Richard Cheney. Keep it in perspective.
Tags: morality, politics
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