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Mbah a Moute Injured

Not only are the Bruins losing, but a key player has an apparent ankle injury. That really takes the Bruins out of solid contention. The backups just aren't the same. Bruins down 6 at half-time. The TV signal was out for 1/2 of the first half and I didn't see the injury, but the injury is worse than a loss to USC. We'll see what they're made of. Floyd, SC's coach, has come up with another excellent defensive plan, and Love, outside, isn't a consistent 3 point threat. Looks like Floyd is giving up the 3 pointers and double teaming Love inside. Looks like that might just work. XM radio, to which I turned when the TV went out, doesn't allow me onto the radio broadcast in my trial subscription. I will turn to a Pipeline Porter for consolation. Looks like the Bruins are going to lose this one.
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