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Depending upon where I sit in the departure area, I can get a signal from Aloha's wifi, or not. We're 65 minutes away from takeoff, at Kona's airport, and I'm thinking that the Bruins are going to have to face Stanford without M'bah a Moute, and without me. I know who's the greater loss, and I'm expecting that the absence of a key rebounder and defender and the presence of the Lopez twins along with this being the third meeting of the year, and Stanford playing with a greater stake in its potential NCAA bracket.... this all adds up to a Bruin loss. Somehow, Love scored 11 points in 2 minutes yesterday against USC and without Luc Richard M'bah a Moute, the Bruins still won. The game will be waiting for me on tape. I just hope that it's a sprain, and that Luc Richard will be available by the second week.

Well, reality beckons! Hawaii, England and Hawaii in a 4 week stretch is pretty unreal, and the practice will need my undivided attention as I scurry from clinic to clinic and see the waiting patients and consultations.... and still try to get time to watch every basketball game of March Madness. Impossible, of course! Oh well, Fantastic memories.

The USC course was good, but not great. The hotel, the Hapuna Prince, the same... good, but not great. We're used to the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, and it suffered earthquake damage and will be open for next year's conference, the 38th! I probably have gone to 30 of them, and stayed at the MKB. For Lin, there's easier access to the wonderful beach, although security went out of their way to give us a golf cart ride right up to this fabulous beach.

I admit that I only spent 19 hours and 45 minutes in the course as I took 3 hours off for the Pac-10 first day of four games on Thursday, and was rewarded by an excellent slate, though there were no upsets.

We saw Bob and Sue Carlson, who we know from about 25 meetings, and Gerry and Dorian Trostler from all 30 meetings. In better days (for me) Gerry and won the MKB tennis tournament. We saw Rachel Jenkins, now 94, and retired, but still attending the medical conference. Sharon Levine, and her husband, Jay Crosson met at this meeting and they were celebrating their 30th year of marriage. Sharon works for Kaiser in Northern California and knows my old high school tennis teammate, Mel Hoch, who retired from Kaiser about 10 years ago and whom I saw during the last Roosevelt High School reunion.

For the last great 23 years, I've been here with Lin, but there are even older memories of other, earlier medical conferences when I was here with, Yara, another Linda, and Sally II.... I feel a bit like Henry VIII, only there were more survivors.... but those are other stories.

I was delighted many, many years ago to take my Dad, my stepmother, Mildred, sister, Linda, brother in law, Bob to a Board of Directors meeting of my dialysis clinic. Bob had been the architect. That was my one great entrepreneurial adventure, all the way back in 1971, when medicine was very, very different.

Well, boarding is minutes away. Farewell, Kona. Aloha.
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