tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Here's to the Hilltoppers and Brazelton! Bruins Escape, Again

Never, never underestimate any school in the NCAA's. Those guys, down 21 at the half, came roaring back, and if it weren't for Keefe and Love and a re-energized Shipp, we'd be hibernating in the cave, as happened all too often under Steve Lavin.

It looked like it wasn't going to be a close contest as the Bruins drew away in the first half, but the WKU plan of Brazelton harassing Collison worked to perfection and in the second half the turnovers mounted and the threes starting dropping, and before you knew it, there was a 4 point separation. Apparently M'bah a Moute bothered Lee, and Lee did not have his usual game. Brazelton can keep this one to show to his grandchildren! He was great, not only on offense, but the way he frazzled Collison. Clearly, Collison, usually a great player, was outplayed.

So, my friends, a toast to the gallant Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky University and to Bowling Green, Kentucky

Speaking of Kentucky, they had 2 teams in the round of 16, Louisville which beat Tennessee and WKU. California, with a much larger population, only landed Stanford and the Bruins.
Tags: bruin basketball, march madness
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