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Letter to the Governor - Update #1

Today is the seventh day since I wrote a letter to the Governor and sent copies to legislators and the President of the California Medical Association. The mail has come, and, no surprise, no answer yet from anyone. In some cases, this only allowed for 5 days, and the weekend came in between. Not really fair to expect an answer.

But, I'm impatient. It's the last day of the month, and the treadmill revs up tomorrow, so I just increased the stakes, a bit. I wrote an e-mail to Jamie Gold, reader's representative for the Los Angeles Times.

In part, this is what I said: "....I’ve been a nephrologist with a practice in Orange County since 1967, and I’ve gotten frustrated to the point of sending a letter out to the Governor and appropriate legislators and the President of the California Medical Association. First, I want to see something constructive done by those with the power to do it.... The State Administration. Failing this, I want to see if the legislators can exert pressure. Thirdly, what about the CMA that acknowledges it is an advocate for the medical profession, but is concerned about advocacy for health care, in general.

Lastly, does the media (newspapers, TV stations, NPR) give a damn?..."

So, and I recognize that it is early, I want to keep the pressure on myself! It's too easy to get lackadaisical and complacent, so if I get too submerged in March Madness would you remind me of this iron in the fire.

I'm going to see this lady for the first time since she left the hospital, on this Wednesday, and I'm going to find out the name of her social worker, and we'll follow that trail along. I think there's a story here, and I'm going to hang on like a
nice little doggie.
Tags: health care, medicine, politics
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