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Bowling Green is no Columbia, Either!

Damn! Damn! Damn! Western Kentucky coach Horn leaving for S. Carolina

I guess he didn't read my blog, where I paid tribute to WKU and to the coach, in particular with ".....I love the way Coach Darrin Horn, who played for WKU and met his wife at WKU, played his bench at the end so that they could tell their grandchildren the were in the Sweet 16, and then said he was staying at WKU despite his coaching success....." So what conclusion can we draw....
18,000 students at WKU, 27,000 students at South Carolina. Columbia, SC has 117,000 people, more than twice as large as Bowling Green. Kentucky makes Corvettes, and Carolina, in Greenville, makes BMW's. But, if many things are double, like they say at Wrigley...."Double the pleasure, double the fun!"

Well, from The State, Charleston's newspaper, "...Details of Horn's deal with USC are unknown, but the source said the base salary is in the range of $750,000." They tried to keep him at WKU for $350,000 and then some.

Well look at the head of this Gamecock.

Does that look a little like a wart hog to you?

And, if you're a fast reader, here is Darrin Horn's biography on the WKU website. I suspect that it wont last much longer than a Red Towel in the Bruin rooting section.

I feel very, very sad. And sorrier for the WKU folks and their athletic director.
Tags: darrin horn, hilltoppers, march madness, slipping halos, wku
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