tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Memphis vs Kansas - NCAA Championship

Two really fine teams, and a real champion emerging. If Memphis can be the same team that I saw on Saturday, I think they will win, on the strength of the strongest guard play this side of the NBA. Kansas is deep inside, with excellent forwards, but can they keep the lid on Rose, Douglas-Roberts and Anderson? I don't think so. So, Ill be puling for the Tigers over the Jayhawks, and tomorrow night, in the Women's NCAA, Stanford vs Tennessee, I'm really torn, as I love the Lady Vols, Pat Summitt, and Candace Parker. But, Stanford is a Pac-10 School, and the alma-mater of my daughter-in-law, Dr. Lewin, even if it is filled with a lot of folks that I don't see eye to eye with, like the Hoover Institute and Condi Rice. Candice Wiggins is a really fine basketball player. I was set aback by these athletes identifying with their sororities. Maybe, I'd better pull for the Lady Vols, but let the other Candice, Wiggins, have a good day, and have Pat's Ladies, pull it out.

I'll rationalize a victory for either the Cardinal or the Lady Vols, but I really want Memphis to win, and maybe shellac the "What's the Matter with Kansas?" Jayhawks. Win this one for the sanitation workers! Go get, 'em, Tigers.
Tags: lady vols, march madness, memphis
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