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The Invisible Letter to the Governor - Update

I have nothing to report except frustration. The LA Times ombudsman never responded to my query as to what health care reporter might be interested in the story. It seems that no politicians, the administrator of health care services and even my old acquaintance, at the California Medical Association, are totally unaware or uninterested in my suggestion, and even the public relations nicety of an acknowledgement was missing, everywhere. Really!

So, today I went to the health page of the Times, and sent this by e-mail:

"This blog entry contains a letter that I wrote to the Governor, http://tinkll1.livejournal.com/68071.html

The letter is an attempt to be constructive. It is not vindictive or demeaning. It is respectful, and it truly contains a proposal that would improve service to the patient, decrease the cost of providing the service to the state, and if implemented, it would improve the morale of health care personnel. It is not self-serving. It's good for everyone!

Well, the story is this. 2 weeks have gone by, and absolutely nothing has happened! It was sent by USPS to Governor Schwartzenegger, to Sandra Shewry, Director, Department of Health Care Services, to Senator Kuehl, to Assemblyman Dymally, to my State Senator and my Assemblyman, and to the President of the California Medical Association.... and I have not even received a letter of acknowledgement, a kind of "Thank you. We will consider your suggestion, etc." 41 years of nephrology practice and I write my first letter to State politicians, and an administrator, and I might as well be invisible.

What if I were a lobbyist, with some axe to grind, and some money to distribute? Why am I invisible?

And, with loads of blame to distribute, how about your ombudsman to whom I directed an e-mail asking which health issues reporter might be interested in a story. No answer.

I feel frustrated. The angle for the story, from my perspective, is how can a system with an enormous task, inadequate resources fail to respond to an expert.... ME.... with a solution that is good for everyone and SAVES MONEY while providing better service. So, here goes, Los Angeles Times.... your second chance. Before I go to the Register, and they start salivating over their issue.... wasted tax dollars! That's not MY issue. There aren't enough health care dollars to go around. I want to save a few because the health care issues of the indigents I serve are enormous."

This time, the automated website response said, "Thank you."
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