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Schwarzenegger Letter - Update #3

I spoke to an aide of the Governer. (916) 445-2841. They got the letter. They are preparing a response. they can't say when I'll get it. The Governor leaves office in 2010. I shoud hear from the governor before then.

I left a message on a phone recording line of Patty Henderson, an aide to Sandra Shewry who is the Director of the Department of Health Care Services. I asked what had become of my letter, as I've heard nothing. She, Patty, was located at (916) 440-7422. I did ask her to call me back.

Well, at least the Governor's aide knew of the existance of the letter. The Directory of the DHCS was unhelpful, as no human could be exhumed from the recorded messages. When I arbitrarily picked a number, just to hear a human voice, it was a recording asking me to hold for an aide. After 5 minutes, I decided that maybe I should get on with saving lives, even though its highly overated (an under appreciated.)
Tags: health care, medical, medical politics
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