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Eagle Squadron.... the Connection

Today, Amazon sent me two copies of Colonel Steve N. Pisanos, "The Flying Greek." I had the honor to meet Steve, along with Jim Goodson and Carroll "Red" McColpin, all Eagles, some 15 years ago, at a dinner in Santa Ana. I guess the notion that I, as an American, am so connected to Britain and Spitfires, led me to Google, and then to Bomberguy's video post of the Eagle Squadron on You Tube. I feel extremely humble to view this video and make the remotest connection to these Americans who entered World War II in the RAF and were the vanguard of the American entry into the war. I post it here to illustrate the inspiration that these brave men presented to a little boy in Chicago, far from the front lines, growing up in safety due to their sacrifice and the sacrifice of many others. It has been inspiring and gratifying to meet the veterans of this war and I hope to go back to Britain again, next year, in May, at the invitation of Wilf Crutchley and Wing Commander John C. Freeborn to a meeting of 118 Squadron. Bless 'em All!
Tags: eagle squadron, hurricanes, raf, spitfires
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