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118 Squadron, Wilf Crutchley & John Freeborn

I had a huge surprise on Tuesday with a call from England while I was at the office. Wilf Crutchley who was in 118 Squadron just after World War II and organized a recent reunion was on the phone to tell me he'd be seeing John Freeborn, and to invite Lin and I to the next 118 Squadron reunion in Coventry in May 2009.
Wilf Crutchley 118 Squadron
Wilf Crutchley in the '50's
Wilf had contacted John Freeborn whom he did not know, to invite him, as a former squadron leader of 118 in June 1943, to the reunion. They have stayed in contact, ever since.
S/L J C Freeborn DFC 1943
Squadron Leader J. C. Freeborn, DFC, 1943
Just prior to the 74 Squadron Association meeting in March 2008, on a Saturday afternoon, in the Warwick Hilton lounge, we met Wilf and John, and Wilf supplied me with these photographs.
Wilf and John, Warwick Hilton, March 2008
As Wilf's association was with 118, he did not attend the evening dinner, but I've stayed in contact with him, and he passes messages to John. Hopefully, John will have his own internet connection in the near future.

Wilf introduced me to the 118 Squadron Website, Jever Steam Laundry and through Wilf and John, we have the wonderful Squadron badge with its motto, Occido Redeoque, I Kill and Return.
118 Squadron RAF Badge,

The photos are from Wilf Crutchley and the Jever Steam Laundry, and the Squadron Badge is a Queen's Copyright.
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